Today, in an interview-slash-problem-solving podcast with Jenny Stein, she admits, “I hate talking about my work.”

We talk about the universal laws of doing your work — Jenny is stuck on #5 — and simple solutions to the problem itself.  (Including the feeling that social media is a never-ending newborn that demands attention and shits on you every now and again.)

We also talk about why doing your work makes you so damn uncomfortable, how to work around it, and why I love Instagram best of all.  Listen in if you’ve ever felt like you hate hate HATE talking about what you do, even though you love it so much it hurts.

Jenny in the wild:

Jenny’s podcast:

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep:

Hugs hugs hugs,

P.S.  As always, if you've got a magical and lovely idea for the podcast -- or if you're willing to go the Full Jenny and let me take on a pressing business concern -- e-mail me!

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