All episodes which you get to meet Aimee Derbes!  Doctor of Chinese medicine, herbalist, Healing Touch certified practitioner, reiki and breathwork practitioner, acupuncturist, and gorgeo... which we talk about making space and breaking up with your phone, and introduce you to Space, which starts April 2nd. which Anna Kunnecke talks about her struggles with the physical world, sports, gym class, laundry, and paperwork and how they led to her career as a master life coach who hel...

Free breathwork session which we talk about how to actually enjoy being a feeling, breathing human with baggage and needs and desires and feels, as well as resetting your... which you get to meet healer-breathworker-priest-athlete Kristin Saylor, who is so rad you won't even believe it. which the title is self-explanatory AND is revealed. Go visit! which I'm just damn vulnerable and give you an imperfect update about my life/health/experience. which we cover Intuition 101 and how to pay attention to the world around you in a way that's intensely fun and that cuts decision-making effort by about 90%. which we talk about being 3-4% more vulnerable in your life instead of trying to go FULL THROTTLE 300% MORE VULNERABLE today.  ;)

136: Show Your Work which we take on showing your work as a vital part of doing work in the first place.  From the bathtub. which we talk about how to dress like you feel and why that's important. which we talk about...groceries.

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