Morgan Day Cecil, yogi and writer and lover of romance and adventure, is here to remind you that you are not disqualified from leading a beautiful life. 

In the first That's What She Said interview, we talk about: P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }You are not disqualified from living a

Wasting energy trying to manage your inner voices

The wrong way to do romance and adventure
What it feels like to step into your calling
Listening to the ideas that originate from the still, quiet place in your soul
Why at some point, you'll be a total hypocrite, and that's okay
How romance and adventure are an inside job.
The use of the word 'pilgrimage' and what it means: a journey to a sacred center
Why the internal journey is the one that matters
Cheryl Strayed's 'Wild' and the legacy of the modern pilgrimage

We talk about calling and redemption, journeys and struggles, all within the context of modern entrepreneurship.  To check out Morgan's pilgrimage, click here.

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