All episodes which we talk opening, closing, making messes, and this amazing woman's wisdom. which we talk learning to live in the body (even though we're really, really used to living the mind because omg imagination is the best. ;) which we do the hard work of being present to this moment in our personal lives, in history, and in our own energy.  Preeeeetty much guaranteed to make you feel 18% better i... which we talk about necessary rules, unnecessary rules, and the grey area in between. ;) which we talk about how to stay on it when it comes to selling and marketing, as well as unveil the magical and wonderful world of The Order of the Phoenix. which I interview Natalie Moser -- yogi, photographer, activist, and cancer survivor -- about the profound ways her cancer has shaped her reaction to living in the brave new ... which we about how Nick has a history of being a woman.  We talk physical changes, psychological changes, whether male privilege is real, how to sell better and bravely, and... which we tackle 5 everyday ways to incorporate bravery into your business (despite your asshole brain's best efforts to stop you). which we talk about the not-so-obvious ways your asshole brain gets its way.  GAH IT'S SO FREAKING SNEAKY. which we talk about simple, everyday, sustainable ways you can use your dollars to shape the world in which you want to live.  Also: why I cried in public about making a pho...

94: Stop Self Sabotage which I run through four everyday ways you can stop self sabotage and admit that I suck at boundaries (for now, because Trump, but not for long).  ;) which we talk about the crab bucket -- what that is and how to get out of it -- and how that translates to being Brave. which we take on the current political climate, asshats both online and in person, and how it all comes back to your own, daily bravery. which all the new things are revealed and I tell the tale of what went down in July to spur the burning down of Brand Camp in the first place. which we give up tangible goals for something entirely new. ;) which we take a trip 50 years into the future and see what's happening in your life today.  Weird yes, but trust me, would ja? which I take you behind the scenes in real time to show how I plan my life, six months at a time.  ;)

Not literally, as in winter greys getting us down.  Not metaphorically, as in ALL THE TRUMPS.  Not at all.  We don't let the darkness win. which we tackle the question that stunned everyone at a recent conference I attended -- but not for the reasons everyone suspected.

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