Category: Business

Make your (business) life more profitable, magical, and meaningful in 15 minute(ish) doses with Kristen Kalp.

January 27, 2017

94: Stop Self Sabotage which I run through four everyday ways you can stop self sabotage and admit that I suck at boundaries (for now, because Trump, but not for long).  ;)

January 26, 2017

93: The Crab Bucket is bullshit. (You’re probably in one now.) which we talk about the crab bucket -- what that is and how to get out of it -- and how that translates to being Brave.

January 17, 2017

92: How to deal with emotional bullies & similar nonsense which we take on the current political climate, asshats both online and in person, and how it all comes back to your own, daily bravery

January 11, 2017

91: How to be 8 kinds of brave. which all the new things are revealed and I tell the tale of what went down in July to spur the burning down of Brand Camp in the first place. 

January 3, 2017

90: The opposite of resolutions. which we give up tangible goals for something entirely new. ;)