Category: Business

Make your (business) life more profitable, magical, and meaningful in 15 minute(ish) doses with Kristen Kalp.

August 30, 2016

75: 3 feet from the cliff. which we talk about the cliff that is your scariest work, and how to keep track of it and love it and embrace it without, you know, going over it completely.

August 23, 2016

74: The Map of Knowing which I walk you through the simple-but-not-easy questions that lead you back to your own knowing. 

August 16, 2016

73: The Love Hate Thing. which I tell you a story of one e-mail and two very different reactions, and what that has to do with you as you do your best work in the world.  (Here's the e-mail in question.)

August 2, 2016

72: Burning It Down which the Brand Camp Grand Finale is unveiled.