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Make your (business) life more profitable, magical, and meaningful in 15 minute(ish) doses with Kristen Kalp.

July 26, 2016

71: The tender-hearted guide to big big change which we talk 3 simple ways to embrace change even though it's scary and you just want it to be OVER by now.

July 19, 2016


...why having multiple projects going on isn't a bad thing, plus 2 of my favorite poems by living legend-type authors, and the new free class I'm scared to share because EEPS there are bunches of things I've never said in it.

July 12, 2016

69: Embrace Your Defaults which we talk about the tendency to retreat (i.e. hermit) or to recommit (i.e. double down and schedule the shit out of yourself) when faced with big events, and what that means for your day-to-day life.  Also: it might be your best day ever.  Listen to find out why. ;)

July 8, 2016

68: Doing your part. which I have no words but borrow Krista Tippett's, because that's what books are for. ;)

July 5, 2016

67: Fences and overkill. which a random drive leads to thinking about those places we fence off to keep from being hurt, and all the ways that affects the way we do business...