Archive for June 2016 which we put an end to the idea tornado that keeps you swirling in your brain and taking constant notes (and making doodles and plans) without ever actually doing anything. ...


Marketing never goes away, and it can often feel like it's either a.) HORRIBLY INTIMIDATING or b.) completely useless, why even bother ::insert Eeyore noises here::.  This episode...

00:0000:00 which we make space for more dollars to come into your life.

00:0000:00 which lessons come from a surprising place.

00:0000:00 which we make space for giving less head space to people, places, organizations, or businesses that don't actually matter. 

00:0000:00 which I help you conquer your inbox in a less-than-5-minute podcast. ;)

00:0000:00 which you trust me to go deep and then I remind you of the magical HARRYPOTTER code for M-School.